Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom

| | FEBRUARY 20, 2019

It’s no secret that the average classroom today is not the norm for what classrooms looked like even just 10 years ago. As technology advances, our classrooms become more and more innovative, creative, and technologically advanced so that today’s youth learn more effectively and dynamically than ever before. When it comes to education, we know that different learning techniques and approaches are crucial, because not every child learns and thrives in the same way as others.

As you’re currently seeing, a trend in education today is the implementation of interactive whiteboards in the classroom. These boards, also called Promethean Boards, are really just a brand of Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs), that allows educators to project images from a laptop or computer and also interact with the board by touch, or by specialized pens. Hopefully, you have already witnessed how the use of these boards opens up a world of opportunities in the classroom!

As these interactive boards have become more common in our schools, teachers have either responded well and adopted the boards into their teaching methodologies, or they have had the opposite reaction, not wanting to incorporate the boards in their classroom. A contributing factor in the refusal to adopt the boards is largely due to lack of proper training and education. When a school is rolling out a new tool, proper training and communication are crucial to the success of the launch and adoption of the new technology.

This is a space where White River Service experts excel. Our staff is filled with former K-12 educators, administrators, and technology people that help ensure that the learning curve is as smooth as possible. We do not just sell you the boards and set them up and leave you to figure out how to use them. We help to educate your staff, provide demonstrations on how to use the boards, how they work and offer ideas on ways to expand the use of the boards and get creative and fun with the implementation process.  Our education experts help you to design your classrooms specifically with your end goal in mind and offer resources on how to apply the interactive aspects to different subjects being taught.

You may already know, but some ways that our Promethean Boards are being utilized in the classroom include the following applications:

  • Class competitions- create games to challenge teams and have them play and work against each other

  • Google earth- use this tool for geography lessons, show your class the world, find special landmarks, explain different cultures across the globe

  • Digital Editing- teach students how to do basic photo, video, or sound editing, introduce them to the world of graphics editing

  • Spelling competitions

  • Virtual tours

  • Recording: capture presentations or speeches on video to give to the student to use as a learning tool of what worked for them and how to improve other areas

  • Interactive content- there are various resources available for more interactive games and tools for teachers to adopt and try with their class

  • Recap field trips- show off photos and present learnings captured from the field trips

Overall, our Promethean Boards encourage interactive learning and offer an endless amount of ways to apply new learning techniques in the classroom. If you are curious about how to adopt these interactive boards in your school, classroom, or even business, please contact us on our website, or give us a call today to set up a demonstration for you. We will be your IT experts on expanding technology in the school system and using it to educate the youth of Arkansas!


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